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IG Magic Wood

Goal and Purpose of the IG Magic Wood


  • The association aims to protect and preserve the Boulder area “Magic Wood” in the Val Ferrera.


  • The IG MW aid the acceptance of conservation measures and awareness of outdoor sportsmen and accordingly publishing it (Internet, locally, climbing-magazine, brochure. etc,.)


  • Being the connecting link between climbers and the community of Ferrera and promotes contact between the cantonal offices, municipalities, environmental organisations and the SAC.


  • The IGMW Offers itself as a contact person and facilitator for geology questions, topics, events and projects in the region Val Ferrera / Magic Wood.


  • The IGMW supports regular conservation measures law, but can not be held directly responsible for the misconduct of individuals.


  • The Association has no commercial purposes. The members are volunteers.


Generally defined conditions must be adhered to and respected by all. The most important concerns are listed in the following golden rules.

Golden Rules & Tips at "Magic Wood"

  • Wild camping is all over SWITZERLAND strictly prohibited! Als to stop overnight with your bus or camper outside the campground will be seen as it and fined by the local police.


  • RESPECT the nature! The waste buckets and toilets are available for you: Please spare the landscape and the wild animals of your emissions.




  • Boulders should be cleaned of from tick marks and other magnesia tracks after a climbing session


  • Fires are allowed at the official fireplace at the campground only.


  • Attention: The real climbing area "Magic Wood" is in a zone of rockslide and water level can rise strongly at any time!


  • Keep in mind, no Bouldering outside the Zone Plan (see at camping notice board)


  • Parking area at bodhi camping is for guests only.One day visitors please look for parking space below the campground.


Thank you for your cooperation. We wish you a nice stay and accident free cranking days.

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