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IG Magic Wood

Building a Better More Sustainable Future For This World Class Bouldering Area

Helping to preserve Magic Wood in the longterm. We aim to conserve our beautiful nature for now and the next generation so the bouldering are of Magic Wood can be enjoyed for many years to come. Be part of an extraordinary climbing community and add local value to this area.

The IG Magic Wood stands as a connection link between the community council, the community locals, the climbers and visitors of Magic Wood and Bodhi Camping.

In the last 10 years we have built up a great community and added local value to a whole region. We focus on the preservation of nature in the bouldering area of Magic Wood as well as the communication between the visitors/tourists and the Val Ferrera community council so all parties involved can get along and enjoy the beauty of this valley together.

What is the IG Magic Wood?

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