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The IG Magic Wood developed & participate on the following projects:

Annual Magic Wood Clean Up Day

Every year at the end of high season in August, climbers and locals gather together at Magic Wood to celebrate the annual Clean Up Day. Jedes Jahr gegen Ende der Hochsaision im August kommen im Magic Wood Kletterer und Einheimische zusammen und zelebrieren zusammen den Clean Up Day. Doesnt matter if campground or bouldering area, everywhere the volunteers working with great effort.

climbing, magnesia & the falcon

In cooperation with mountain wilderness, IG Klettern Basler Jura, Kletterwelt. Important at the concept of the brochure is an awareness and information about the problems, and above all for the beauty and the conservation of nature. We wanna show climbers that it's worth to safe the nature and call on a behavior comaptible with nature. We also would like to show how the goverment has power to close down climbing areas, when the  set rules are not complied with. It's not the idea to come up with prohibitions and rules.

Recultivation Magic Wood

Per climbing season there are about 15'000 visitors from Mai to October at Magic Wood. Surely this doesn't pass by without tracks on the once so pretty green part of the forest. To set counter measure we plan selective measure to green up the area again

The first pilot project a few years ago was a success. From spring 2023 onward we will close down useless paths and plant new bushes and trees.

In cooperation with:

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