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Taking action to revive the forest

Here you'll find all the information regarding the recultivation project in Magic Wood.


Hello and welcome to the recultivation project for Magic Wood. Here you’ll find all the information and progress reports of the work we’re doing in the Magic Wood forest to maintain it’s beauty, flora and wildlife and how we aim to ensure that this world class bouldering destination lasts the test of time.



What’s the problem?


Due to the increased popularity of this climbing destination over the past decade, both the forest and the boulders have continuously been showing more signs of wear and we’re now taking action to curve this impact and aim to restore Magic Wood as best we can.


Magic wood is, in its nature, a very non-sequential bouldering area. The whole climbing area in densly packed with boulders ranging from the edge of the river to high up the hill side towards the cliff's edge along a 1km stretch. Due to this arrangement it can often be quite confusing for first time visitors to orientate themselves through the woods. For the veteran visitor it can mean that main paths are discarded for a more direct route from project to project. All in all this has meant that a plethora of new paths have been appearing in the forest, slowly reducing the forest flora and tamping down the soil making it unable to re-grow.



What are we doing?


With this in mind the current goal of our recultivation project is to address the multitude of unnecessary paths throughout the forest. We aim to define a logical pathing system throughout the bouldering area ensuring that all blocs can still be accessed easily and in time look at the possibility of simple signage to help guide and orientate visitors. This will help ensure that the areas and paths that are not in use can be given back to nature for the opportunity of regrowth. 


We welcome your help with this project, be that in the form of volunteering on recultivation days, advice and feedback from anyone with forestry knowledge, or just helping eachother become more aware of our impacts on this beautiful yet delicate space.



What methods are we using?


  • Locking down unnecessary paths with non-intrusive materials

  • Planting and replacing moss to assist growth in locked down areas

  • loosening up top soil in tamped down area to allow growth and moisture absorption

  • Planting native bushes and trees in locked down areas

  • Littering fallen branches and flora on reclaimed areas to assist in regrowth and soil nutrition restoration

  • Directing footfall with signage to assist orientation in the woods

  • Educating visitors to our cause and it's impact for future longevity



Whats our long term plan?


We aim to better manage the footfall in Magic Wood and reduce the negative impacts that the vast amount of visitors can have on the forest. In time our project will develop with new methods as we learn what has the greatest impact as well as taking into account the climbing communities input and feedback. We truly hope that we have an overall positive impact on this beautiful bouldering destination that many of us love to enjoy and that it lasts the test of time.


The Recultivation project so far...


Positive Observations


A small leading note on how we are observing positive changes so far.

As of Spring 2024 we it has been a full year since we started to implement our actions in combatting the regression of flora in the forest. So far we can happily say we are seeing fast and promising developments on the recultivation project. Areas that were closed off are once again starting to flourish and the feedback from the climbing community has been one of great gratitude when met in the forest around our actions. The IGMW are incredibly motivated to continue our efforts and develop the recultivation project further into the woods.

Spring 2024

Area #9

Area from Bosna Block towards U-Boot/Minisex

In this sector there were a lot of unneccesary and confusing paths leading in the same direction or serving as minimal shortcuts. A more simplistic pathing system has been defined and un-required paths have been cordoned off and covered with fallen vegitation. We will also place signs in such areas to help orientate visitors in the future.


Spring 2024

Area #8

Small area behind Blue Sky Of Mine

A small sector behind Blue Sky where there were a few different paths leading the same way. We've chosen the most logical and easy to pass path and blocked off the others to allow natural regrowth.

Spring 2024

Area #7

Between Blue Sky of Mine and Beach Block


Here we have defined a more logical pathing system so all blocks can be accessed and closed off large areas for regrowth. This is the largest section to date and we will revisit the area this summer with volunteers to help repopulate the flora. 


Autumn 2023

Area #6 (off map)

Long and unnecessary adjacent path from the Campground to Bruno

Just above the main walking path from the campground to Bruno Block there was a long standing additional path running adjacent to the main path. This has now been closed off and returned back to the forest.

Autumn 2023

Area # 5

Area from Scrubs -> Kashmere - > Upper Bridge entrance

This is the largest area we have managed so far. Here we could really notice the impact of multiple unnecessary paths and shortcuts on the forest flora. We assessed the access to each boulder in this area and with easy access in mind removed all unnecessary paths. In this sector we will really have a chance to see the impact of our actions over time as the forest reclaims the locked down areas.


Autumn 2023

Area #4

Small shortcut path near the upper bridge

This small path was purley serving as a minor shortcut for the main walking path. This has been locked down and given back to forest with a native bush planted at the top entrance to this path.

Spring 2023

Area #3 (off map)

New path from small parking to Campground Bridge


A new path has emerged from the small parking area just up the road from the campground. This has been reclaimed and closed off. Please make the short walk back to the official walking path out from the campground


Spring 2023

Area #2 (off map)

Area around first viewable boulder from the Campground Bridge


This first boulder that is seen from the campground bridge is actually not in the agreed upon bouldering area (from the Bruno block to the Upper Bridge) and with this in mind we have closed off this area to allow regrowth. Please do not climb here.

Spring 2023

Area #1

Upper Bridge large path


The first area to be addressed in the new recultivation project. This was a large path short-cutting the Ausserferrara walking loop. This path was actually on private land and only served to slightly shorten a walking path.



Path Lockdown - a sign of possibility

The very first project to keep Magic Wood green. We locked down a path near the lower bridge which was of no use anymore. Nearly 10 years later it remains green, showing that the forest can quickly regenerate and thrive.


Here you can find our documentation about the whole process.

Overview progress map


Recultivation Long Form documentation...(currently being updated)

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