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12th Magic Wood Clean Up Day 2021

28. August 2021: Like nearly every year, a vast numbers of volunteers came to sign up for the legendary 12th Magic Wood Clean up day. After a short Briefing from the IG Magic Wood, the volunteers spread out to clean Boulders in every sector and collected the little left over trash. The sensitisation of the climbing scene over the last year had a positive effect and there is way less trash in the area then back in the days. The priority to clean boulders now a days makes way more sense. It’s close to our heart, to point out the nuisances in the behavior towards nature and locals to the whole climbing scene an if possible bring it back on the right track.Thanks at this part to all visitors for the mostly fair behavior.

Right in time at 6pm the first plates of salad, local BBQ and vegan Paella was served to the hungry volunteers until everybody was filled up. It must have tickled all the palates, as all food has vanished. Plenty of prices from our generous sponsors were ready to pick up at the price giving. After a short speech on our own behalf as well as one of the new president of the IG Magic Wood, Martin Keller, the legendary after party got proclaimed. Frist the party people took the dance floor to the live musical entertainment and the performance of „We two“ from Basel and after we celebrated the hardcore beats out of our Soundsystem until 4am. It was as always…legendary.

On Sunday 01.09.2019 the Charity boulder event was held. An active starting field was hunting for ascents in the woods. All the money from then entry fee goes to the ClimbAid organisation. All in all we can call the 12th edition another success and are already looking forward to the organisation and the realisation of the 13th edition.

Thanks again to all volunteers and our team for the amazing job.

Last but not least, thanks to all generous sponsors as following:


Gebro Verlag


Quadrel Boulder




Fricition Labs

Never Stop Climbing

Mono Climbing

Naturpark Beverin

Gasthaus Edelweiss

Bodhi Climbing

Special thanks to Gebro Verlag for the support of the IG Magic Wood and the goodies. A part per sold copy of the new guidebook will go directly to the IG Magic Wood. Thanks a lot.

Photocredit: Samuel Tuor, Thomas Saluz

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